Services We Provide

  • Trade Missions
  • Export Development
  • Consultation and Training

Trade Missions

Our involvement in organizing actual and virtual trade activities presents companies to new markets and introduces them to pre-qualified:

  • customers
  • partners
  • agents
  • distributors, and
  • other key industry contacts

"We are proud of our flexibility in reaction to the pandemic when BEYOND Ventures Group Inc. was quick to conduct virtual trade missions when travel was no longer possible. Undaunted by the limitations presented by COVID-19, we continued helping to ensure that businesses could establish new markets and grow their current market share. 

Furthermore, until we are all safe from the transmission of the virus, we will continue to provide opportunities to explore supply and demand in response to government to business, business to business and business to consumer. "
~ Paula Lunn Greene

Companies that currently have a business foothold in global markets continue to grow in scope and size. At the same time, those interested in establishing themselves in the import-export markets can rely on BEYOND to provide them with the tools and guidance they need to enter the market more successfully.

Export Development

 At BEYOND Ventures Group Inc., we have years of experience guiding companies into new markets. We are well versed in understanding what countries are looking for your products or services, the who’s who of essential connections with prospective partners and how and when to introduce you to key players like government agencies and local trade associations. 

Here are five steps to our approach:

  1.  Together, we will undertake a company needs assessment for your company that strategically connects you intuitively with international partners and prospective customers.
  2. Our market research leads to the best country or countries for your product or service by identifying opportunities and determining and overcoming trade barriers.
  3. On your behalf, we will consult with industry experts like government agencies, trade associations, other export specialists to determine your market opportunities.
  4. We will advise you on how and when to enter a new market and assist you in finding the appropriate partners in setting up your distribution chain.
  5. We will share our decades of insights and knowledge and thousands of connections to ensure you take the correct and particular direct steps in alternate political, economic and geographic settings.

A critical part of our strategy is capacity building for both new and experienced exporters by both:

  • providing the specialized, strategic exploration of new marketplaces, products and services unique to their target region and;
  • furthering our client’s ability to set and achieve new goals, improving how they currently remain relevant within a rapidly changing environments.

Our participatory approach with clients and results-oriented attitude has been frequently praised by clients worldwide.

Every initiative is approached on an individual basis, custom-designed to business needs. We provide flexibility to help build the most opportune venture to ensure clients get a premium return on their investment.

We specialize in:

Market Research

Business Development

Market Entry Strategies

Market and Business Planning

Optimizing Productivity and Innovation

Our work includes:

Developing, coordinating, and managing trade missions

Executing the complex logistics for trade missions - virtual and in-market

Orchestrating multiple combinations of B2B, B2G, and B2C matchmaking activities

Applying a vast knowledge of global business, with a specialty in Caribbean and Latin America and industry in a wide variety of sectors

Understanding the market practices and cultural nuances that are unique to each country

Identifying in-market partners and accessing local companies to leverage networking opportunities

Grasping the fullness of the domestic business economy, business environment, and its scope, strengths and challenges

Detailing networking strategies to recruit companies as well as prospective partners in foreign markets

At BEYOND Ventures Group Inc., we have gained a solid reputation for our individualized strategies in assisting businesses to hone their approach to new market entry. Our practical and hands-on experience has proven invaluable in mapping out a plan for each client’s goals.

Further, our superior knowledge in global trade, as well as our contacts within each country’s governments, industries and business sectors, flattens our clients’ learning curves, putting them in an advantageous and highly-competitive position.

We offer an active research and intelligence program that monitors business worldwide. Along with our unparalleled experience working with leading authorities, these resources provide an exceptionally strong foundation and growth opportunities.

Consultation and Training 

Consultation and Training 

Organizations have and will continue to benefit from our market and business development expertise, along with coaching and mentoring. Our training services are guided by multiple certifications in international trade, business skills and administration, post-secondary institutions and adult education principles.

Our training initiatives include:

  • Centre for Women in Business 2017-2019 Business Skills Certificate Training Program Export Sales and Marketing 40-hour course curriculum development and delivery.
  • Forum for International Trade Training  FITTskills program delivery.
  • Caribbean Export WE-Xport Business Coach and consulting.
  • Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) with Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) Strategic Export Marketing Program.
  • Department of Labour and Advanced Education, Nova Scotia, designed and delivered several workplace education initiatives for the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.
  • Business Development Training for BDC clients provided customized training designed to develop essential skills to improve business performance.
  • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) co-authored curriculum and assisted aftercare in international marketing and opportunity identification, opportunity management, and market research in international markets.
  • Association of Workplace Professionals delivery of the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW), Facilitator Development Workshop (FDW) and Trainer Development Workshop (TDW) certification in Canada and worldwide.

Trade mission consulting as part of a trade mission or individually contracted includes exclusive training sessions for companies providing opportunities to become familiar with the technology, prevent potential pitfalls as well as what to do to troubleshoot issues. We share best practices, fine-tune company presentations, presentation with translation, valuable materials and guides to follow up activities.